Update on Upcoming Features and Webinars

Ableton Webinar

Update on Upcoming Features and Webinars


We’re in exciting times here at Austin Ableton Tutor!  Soon we will be offering online classes, where you can take an in depth look into a variety of aspects of Ableton Live, Music Theory, and more.  You can run through the curriculum, watch videos and progress through the course on your own time!  Also we are offering private one-on-one lessons via webcam.  Plus every Monday night we feature a new Webinar, where you can hone in on different aspects of music production, for an hour live every week!

Here are the next four upcoming Webinars:

Monday 9/21: Ableton Racks In-Depth—- Take some time to learn the deep inner workings of the racks inside of Ableton.  Learn the power of the racks, and all you can do with the Instrument, Drum, and Effects racks.  Also study Macro Mapping and Chains.  A must for anyone wanting to get everything out of their software.

Monday 9/28: Bass Effects Processing—- Modern music depends on a great bass line.  Not just an adequate one, but a bass that makes people move, and holds their interest.  In this Webinar you are shown how to get the most out of your bass effects.  You’ll  learn how to properly process the bass and also some techniques to get the juiciest, phat, bass lines to make your songs bang.

Monday 10/5: DJing with Ableton Live—- The next step after creating your music is performing live with it.  Albeton Live is the perfect platform to do it with.  Learn how to create a Custom DJ Template to give you full control of your sound.  This Webinar will also cover how to work the Controllers, how to Warp Tracks, and also the full gamut of DJ effects and effects racks.  To put the finishing touches on the Webinar will be a discussion about Organizing and Analyzing your DJ set and setup for maximum impact.

Monday 10/12: Ableton Secret Tricks and Workarounds—- So you’ve gotten a good grasp of Ableton Live.  This Webinar is for the next step, mastering the program.  We’ll cover how to make Live do what you want, when to use tweaks, and the Mid Loop Back.  In the Secrets Webinar there’ll be an intro into Clyphx, Maxforlive, and Bomes as well.  These tools will really help you get the most out of your experience.  You can finally create the music that is in your head.

You can sign up for a Webinar from the Home Page.  They run at just $20 for an hour of live instruction of a variety of topics.  Sign up today before you miss one of these great Webinars.  These mixed with the classes and one-to-one training, makes for great advancements in how we can help you with your music!  Stay tuned for more exciting things from Austin Ableton Tutor.