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Austin Ableton Tutor offers online training in Ableton Live and various other software such as Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro,Resolume VJ software, various pluggins. The online training is conducted utilizing Adobe Connect which is a video conferencing platform that allows screen sharing, screen take over, and the ability to record the session. Every training session is recorded and will be available online for the student to watch over as many times as needed. Online training allows for Austin Ableton Tutor to train anyone anywhere in the world and in the comfort of your own environment. Which tends to allow the student to be more comfortable and potentially more productive. The online training offered is conducted with the same high standards of excellence that Austin Ableton Tutor holds for all his students. In fact online training tends to be more effective because you can get straight to work after the session while the training is fresh. The recorded session is available less then 10 minutes after the session so you can quickly review the online training. It is recommended that you use a webcam with a built in microphone. For more information contact jimmy at Austin Ableton Tutor. Online training rates are the same as regular rates and no outcall charges.

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For Online Training Rates and Packages check out the Rates page, Online Training costs the same as local training.
Training is available between the hours of 10am and 11pm UTC -6
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