October Update and Upcoming Webinars

Greetings everyone, we hope your music production is coming along well.  Exciting news around here; we are in the process of developing some new online classes, getting the curriculum and scheduling together.  For those who want to dig a little deeper, and get in-depth with their learning, then this is great news!  These classes will be a combination of live instruction with a teacher, live interaction with other students, group projects, information available for self study, and a set amount of 1-1 tutoring with the teacher.  Upcoming classes will be announced soon, so be on the lookout.

In the more immediate, we feature a new webinar most Monday nights!  Get a whole hour live, on a variety of topics, for only $20.  November is no exception to the wonderful and insightful information, that will improve your Albeton knowledge and experience.

Here are the upcoming webinars for November:

11/2/15 – Synthesis Basics- Bass.  Every good song needs a great bass sound.  Learn how to process bass and bass effects, and all of the basics of Synthesis to get that tone you want.  You’ll learn Operator, Analog, and how to use The MIDI Roll to make bass patterns.  To take it to the next level this webinar will also cover how to use Simpler to turn samples into a bass synth.  You’ll come out of this with the skills to create the bass you really want to.

11/16/15 – Using Ableton Push.  This fantastic controller is as versatile as it is in-depth.  In this webinar we take a hands on look at how to get the most out of Push for music production.  Also, learn the capabilities that make Push great as an instrument and for live performance.  Take advantage of our Instructor’s knowledge on how to utilize Push to your full advantage.

11/23/15 – Processing and Mixing Drums.  So you have your song recorded; you’re pretty happy with it, but something about the drums doesn’t sound completely right, not totally professional.  It’s probably in the mixing.  This webinar is all about how to get your drum sounding top-notch.  Learn how to mix you MIDI drum patterns, and also how to properly mix live drums on a multi-track recording.  Also covered is how to process drum loops to mix in with your music, and more.

11/30/15 – Warping, Glitching, Chopping.  This webinar is all about those extra skills, the tools that add the flavor and originality to your track.  Learn how to warp your songs and loops, and creative ways to use to warp modes.  Put in that stutter on the turnaround with the glitching and mangling techniques.  To warp, the right part of a song must be captured; so this webinar is also covering sampling, slicing to MIDI, making slice MIDI presets, and automation for clips and tracks.

As you can see, this next month is packed with useful ways to improve and expand on the musical skills.  We hope that if one of these webinars grabs you’re attention, that you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to learn with us.  As for the classes, keep on the lookout, we will be announcing enrollment opportunities in the near future.