Dubstep Presets Pack for Operator

Free Download Preset Pack of Ableton Operator Dubstep Presets

Jordan Calvano from The Untz posted a blog about The Top 10 Greatest Dubstep Artists . Well I am sharing this Ableton Operator pack of 20 Dubstep presets for free! If your not careful these Operator Dubstep presets may just get you on that top ten list over at Untz. Don’t worry Skrillex has no idea that these presets exist so when you start tweaking on the macro knobs of these Ableton Operator Dubstep Presets you will find crunchy, Nasty, Deep, and Filthy original sounds. These Dubstep presets are designed to get your creative juices flowing and write some bangers! If you attempt to use any of these presets to Produce Trap, I will not be held responsible for any Twerking either. Feel free to post links to nay track you make with these Dubstep presets in the comments below. My name is Jimmy Allison and I am an Ableton Live Certified Trainer. Feel free to contact me if your interested in Online Ableton Training. I’m also Available for Local Training in the Austin, Texas area and as an Ableton Tech for any touring acts.

Feel Free to post links to any track you make with this free pack in the comments below

Ableton Live Certified Trainer

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