Synapsis on Google Fiber Live Stream

Austin Ableton Tutor is sponsoring a live streaming event at Google Fiber Space in downtown Austin Texas on Jan 27th at 6:00pm CST.
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6:15 Jimmy Allison – Ableton Certified Trainer
(Rentak, Austin Ableton Tutor)
Topic: Live Performance with Ableton Live

6:45 Nate Crepeault (Deferlow, Bit Voltage)
Topic: Live looping, sampling, and sequencing in Ableton with Max4Live.

7:15 Delwin Campbell (Capyac)
Topic: Improvising Performance in Ableton

8:15 Christopher Ross Medders
(BrtherWlf, Sole Glow Collective)
Topic: Processing and workflow utilizing both external hardware and Ableton Live 9.

7:45 Kalisko
Topic: Kalisko’s Live Equipment Set Up