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I was having a conversation the other day with my producer friend Levi Witt aka DRRTYWULVZ. He was talking about how annoying it was when dropping samples onto a drum rack and then having to adjust the release value of every simpler. Levi likes to have the release value short so he can control the length of the sample with the note length in Ableton Live’s midi clip view. I then mentioned A really awesome feature in Ableton Live 9 often over looked, User defined defaults. In previous version of Live you could right click/CMD click on the title bar of any Ableton Live device and save the current device as default. You can of course still do that in Live 9 and more.

First grab a default Simpler from the Ableton Live Instruments under Categories in you Live 9 browser. You can get a default simpler by dragging the folder called Simpler into a midi track. All built in Ableton Live Devices provide a default patch in this manor.

Loading Ableton Default Simpler



Then make any adjustments to the simpler that you want to always happen when you drop a sample on to a cell in Ableton Drum Racks.

Ableton Default Simpler



In the Live 9 browser under places click on “User Library” which will be just below packs. This is a shortcut to all use defined presets, clips, grooves, and more.
Open the Defaults folder, this folder is were all your default settings are stored for when you load default Ableton Live Devices, Tracks, Slicing presets, ext..
Next open the “Dropping Samples” folder, You will see 3 folders. one of them is called “On Drum Rack”

Ableton_User_Defaults_Dropping Samples On Drum Rack



Drag the Ableton Live Simpler that you edited and drop it onto the folder called “On Drum Rack”

Now when load samples into cells of an Ableton Live Drum Rack the sample will automatically load into the default sampler that you provided. Setting up your Ableton Defaults will dramatically increase your workflow. You can of course set up all your Defaults in this manor. Anything from your Default Operator patch to volume settings, routing, and effects that load every time you load a new track or send.

My name is Jimmy Allison and I teach Ableton Live Online and in the Austin Texas Area. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in taking classes or have any questions. Also be sure to check out DRRTYWULVZ. Levi Witt producers some very amazing Intelligent Bass music. DRRTYWULVZ is based in Austin Texas and always puts on an amazing show, so make sure to check him out if you ever have the chance.

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