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100 Vowel Filter Ableton Effects Racks


This is a Download of about 100 Ableton Effects Racks. These racks are all Formant Filters that can morph from one vowel sound to another. Every possible combination is included twice. 1 set uses an Auto Filter that will enable you to use an LFO to modulate the sound. The other set is using does not include the Ableton Auto Filter. These Ableton Effects Racks are a lot of fun to play with and can add a lot of character to your sound manipulation palate. Formant Filters can be used to make some very interesting sounds and these racks also include adjustable bit reduction which will help you to accomplish the Dubstep Talking Bass sound that has become a characteristic sound of some styles of Dubstep. The racks can also be used in a variety of ways to design very interesting and unusual sounds. Have fun with these Ableton Effects Racks from Austin Ableton Tutor and explore all realms of possibility. These Ableton effects racks will work with Ableton Live 8 or newer.

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