Live 8 Compressor


Get the Live 8 Compressor Here

Ableton updated the compressor in Live 9 adding a new user interface and changing the guts to create a very powerful and awesome new compressor. With one exception Ableton removed the old model Types and Envelope Follower Modes. A lot of people have come to love Ableton lives old compressor. FF1 model is great for fast side chaining with no clicks. A Feedback/Opto combo was great for smooth and lush vocal compression or to compress a drum buss. The Live 9 compressor does not have these features but never fear, you can load the old compressor into live 9. It will have the really useful new graphical interface of the live 9 compressor but all the features of the old Ableton Live compressor from Live 8. A handy upgrade button will be available to upgrade the old compressor to the new compressor. Since it is so easy to upgrade to the new compressor I personally save the old Live 8 Compressor as default so it always loads when i load a default compressor. If you do not have the old Live 8 compressor you can download it here.