Ableton Push Master Rack

Ableton Push Master Rack


The Ableton Push Master Rack is designed for Ableton live 9.7 and Ableton Push 2.

You will need to set up midi loopback as demonstrated in this video.

The idea of this rack is to take advantage of the 64 pad layout mode but have the ability to place different instruments or drum racks on separate tracks. The Ableton Push master track route the midi to 8 other tracks in order to give you 4 sections of 16 pads. Kind of like having 4 Akai¬†MPC’s. With Ableton Live 9.7 we can now change the colors of the pads on the push in order to use color to give visual separation.
This is an advanced Live Performance trick that some people may find useful. You will have to spend about 5 to 10 minutes setting up your midi routing to get the template to work.

Mac user will need to set up a midi loopback utilizing the IAC driver in Audio Midi Setup
Demonstrated in the video.

PC users it has been a while since I have personally used PC’s but I used to use LoopBe
which worked great and is very easy to set up. They have a free 1 channel and paid version. It also looks like it has been maintained and works with all versions of windows