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Ableton Live Effects Racks

Ableton Live Effects Racks
Twist King and Stutter King

This is a Free Ableton Live Rack Pack for your stutter pleasure. The Stutter King Pack contains two Ableton Live Effects Racks, “Stutter King” and “Twister King.” Both Ableton Live effects racks can be used to add character to your tracks and performances. Feel free reverse engineer these racks and learn how to tweak them or build your own. Twist King is designed to be a simple one knobber that is basically a beat repeat which increases rate as you turn the knob and evolves from a low pass filter to a high pass filter.

The concept for these racks came about when my friend Rion King came over to give some feedback on a Lux Divon track I was working on at the time. Rion said I should try using a beat repeat on the vocals while shifting through the frequencies with a band pass filter. So I built up the Ableton Live Effects rack Stutter King and added a few tricks. Then later my love for one knob morphing effects lead me to the invention of Ableton Live effects rack Twist King. I love both effects racks so much that I decided to share both Ableton Live Effects Racks with the world for free!! Download and enjoy

Feel free to upload anything you create with these Ableton Live Effects Racks or any other content from Austin Ableton Tutor to the Austin Ableton Tutor Soundcloud Group.

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