Free Ableton Webinar


Monday Nov 16th at 8:00pm CST (GMT -6)
Free Ableton Webinar focusing on the Push 2 and Live 9.5 new features

Ableton Certified Trainer Jimmy Allison will be hosting a free Ableton Webinar and getting deep into the new features of Push 2 and Ableton Live 9.5.

Austin Ableton Tutor offers 1 on 1 online Training Ableton Live, Max For Live,Traktor, Maschine, Resolume, Music Theory, Music Composition, and Various VST’s. with an Online live instructor. Also check back often for Webinars and online Classes.

To get the free Ableton Webinar Enter code PUSH2FREE 

To get the free Ableton Webinar Enter code PUSH2FREE 

Ableton-Push-2-AngleCheck out Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5 on
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Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5

Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5 is here!!

Exciting times are here!  Not only has Ableton released the Ableton Push 2, but also a new software update, Ableton Live 9.5.  This is an overview of some of the newer features of this awesome device.  The Ableton Push 2 has a number of cosmetic and ergonomic upgrades as compared to the original Push.  Most notable is a larger Full Color Display, which provides more in-depth feedback and control over Ableton Live.

Ableton Push 2 Display

Physically a number of controls have been moved for better ergonomics and feel on the Ableton Push 2. The Master Volume knob has been moved away from the main macros, which will help to avoid accidentally adjusting the Master Volume.

Ableton Push 2 Master Volume

The octave controls are now where the navigation button used to be, which is really handy when playing instruments.  Also the navigation Ableton Push 2 Octave button has been moved closer to the add track, add device and browse buttons; which is nice because you can now also use the nav button to navigate the browser when in browse mode.

The Master button will now toggle between the master bus and last selected track.  Both the mute and solo select buttons have been moved to the left next to an additional button, Stop Clip.  When you hold down the Stop Clip button, you can then use the row of buttons just below the display to stop the clip in its corresponding track. Holding down shift and then pressing stop clip will stop all clips.

Just below the Mute, Solo, and Stop Clip Buttons, a Convert button has been added. The convert button will change the current clip or instrument into a different format.  This means that when you record an audio clip and then press Convert on the Ableton Push 2, it will convert the audio clip into Simpler.  After doing some editing in Simpler, you can press the Convert button again to convert the Simpler clip into a drum rack.Ableton Push 2 Convert

The User Mode button is now on the top right, this will be nice for people using user scripts or custom mapping, because you can quickly locate the button and switch in and out of user modes.   Next to the User button, a Setup button has been added.  In Setup mode, you can quickly switch between scene and clip workflow, adjust the brightness, and adjust the feel of the pads, using 3 levels of control sensitivity, gain, and dynamics.  This will help you really dial in your personal feel on the pads.  Everyone has their own preferences, and now it is easier than ever to make the pads respond exactly how you want.

The USB input has been recessed which will prove to be a more reliable connection.  Ableton Push 2 feels a little light but still very solid.  Besides the new layout and the new buttons, you will find the real power of the Ableton Push 2 when you dive in and start working with Ableton Live.

In Clip Mode, you can now see the wave form of audio clips, and have access to a number of clip controls including zoom and loop position. You can even change the Warp modes without touching the mouse.

The Ableton Push 2 workflow with Simpler also allows for editing without the mouse.  You can press Add Device,  use the navigation pad to select A sample, choose between 3 different modes, change the warping, and much more; all without leaving your device.  With the new full color menu screen, there are a lot of features you can work with straight from the Ableton Push 2.  This allows for a much more fluid workflow, as you’re not having to go from device to keyboard and back again.

Ableton Live 9.5 Simpler

With Ableton Push 2, you can now open and close racks and grouped tracks by pressing the button below the display that corresponds to the group or rack.  It’s as easy as that.  Pressing the Mix button will allow you to quickly adjust volumes, pans and sends;  and pressing the Device button will give you access to the devices.

When the device is selected and you press the same button again, you will be in Full Device Mode.  The buttons above and below the display will be dedicated to the selected device, so you can easily change banks and modify all the parameters in the device.  Press the button named for the device, which is located on the top left, to exit the Full Device Mode.  You will still have access to whichever bank was last selected, plus be able to navigate your set.


As you can see, the buttons are developed to be self explanatory and intuitive.  This really allows for a smooth workflow and a pleasurable production experience.  This is just a small example of what the new Ableton Push 2 can do.  With the improved layout and powerful features, this really does need to be the next addition to your production arsenal.  Once you see how well this has improved the music making experience, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.  Welcome to the new standard, brought to you by the Ableton Push 2.

For more information and to download live 9.5 or purchase Ableton Push 2 go to the Ableton website.

Check out some of my Videos on Youtube Channel, I get into some of the features of the Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5.

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Update on Upcoming Features and Webinars

Update on Upcoming Features and Webinars


We’re in exciting times here at Austin Ableton Tutor!  Soon we will be offering online classes, where you can take an in depth look into a variety of aspects of Ableton Live, Music Theory, and more.  You can run through the curriculum, watch videos and progress through the course on your own time!  Also we are offering private one-on-one lessons via webcam.  Plus every Monday night we feature a new Webinar, where you can hone in on different aspects of music production, for an hour live every week!

Here are the next four upcoming Webinars:

Monday 9/21: Ableton Racks In-Depth—- Take some time to learn the deep inner workings of the racks inside of Ableton.  Learn the power of the racks, and all you can do with the Instrument, Drum, and Effects racks.  Also study Macro Mapping and Chains.  A must for anyone wanting to get everything out of their software.

Monday 9/28: Bass Effects Processing—- Modern music depends on a great bass line.  Not just an adequate one, but a bass that makes people move, and holds their interest.  In this Webinar you are shown how to get the most out of your bass effects.  You’ll  learn how to properly process the bass and also some techniques to get the juiciest, phat, bass lines to make your songs bang.

Monday 10/5: DJing with Ableton Live—- The next step after creating your music is performing live with it.  Albeton Live is the perfect platform to do it with.  Learn how to create a Custom DJ Template to give you full control of your sound.  This Webinar will also cover how to work the Controllers, how to Warp Tracks, and also the full gamut of DJ effects and effects racks.  To put the finishing touches on the Webinar will be a discussion about Organizing and Analyzing your DJ set and setup for maximum impact.

Monday 10/12: Ableton Secret Tricks and Workarounds—- So you’ve gotten a good grasp of Ableton Live.  This Webinar is for the next step, mastering the program.  We’ll cover how to make Live do what you want, when to use tweaks, and the Mid Loop Back.  In the Secrets Webinar there’ll be an intro into Clyphx, Maxforlive, and Bomes as well.  These tools will really help you get the most out of your experience.  You can finally create the music that is in your head.

You can sign up for a Webinar from the Home Page.  They run at just $20 for an hour of live instruction of a variety of topics.  Sign up today before you miss one of these great Webinars.  These mixed with the classes and one-to-one training, makes for great advancements in how we can help you with your music!  Stay tuned for more exciting things from Austin Ableton Tutor.

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SXSW Free Events

I will be involved with a few free events in Austin Texas during SXSW.
These are all Free no badge required SXSW events.

Saturday 3/14/15 4:00pm

I am doing an Ableton Live Clinic at Culture. This event will have a bunch of DJ’s and Bands, plenty of of good times to be had by all. For more info check out the facebook page.

Culture Exchange







Tuesday 3/17/15 8-11pm

I will have a Demo set up and be participating in a panel at the Protos Festival.
Tuesdays Protos Festival event will be at Farewell Books located at 913 E Cesar Chavez, Austin TX
Protos Festival is a two day event happening on Tuesday and Wednesday,
for more information check out their website.





Thursday 3/19/2015 12:00p to 6:00pm

Ableton and Dubspot will be hosting an event at Empire Control Room located at 606 7th Street, I personally will not be doing a workshop,
but I will be there all day. This will be a great chance to get some amazing knowledge for free. For more information, and a schedule of everything Ableton
is involved with this SXSW go to this link

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