650 MB of Free Samples from Mode Audio

650 MB of Free Samples From Mode Audio

Mode Audio is giving away A sampler pack of 650 MB of free samples, Presets, Midi Files, and Effects Racks. All of which are Royalty-Free, so you can use everything in this pack for commercial use and not have to pay out any royalties to anyone. Sample packs are great for when you are starting out in Ableton Live. Sometimes it is nice to grab some loops and focus on learning and playing with clips. You can get a good feel of session view workflow and have a lot of fun. I also find that digging into a sample pack can be that pole vault needed to get out of a creative rut. This pack has a good variety of content and lots of drum samples so you can build your own drum kits as well. Included in the pack are a number of awesome Native Instruments Massive, and FM8 presets which can potential infuse some inspiration into your productions.

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