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Austin Ableton Tutor is your guide to computer music production training online. We offer one on one online music production training. The one on one training method allows for complete focus on your needs and learning style. Taking one on one lessons dramatically increases your learning curve and can save you thousands of dollars over going to a music production school. On Austin Ableton Tutor you will also find free instructional videos and downloadable packs. you can get on top of the learning curve very quickly. Improve your workflow, and dive into the Creative Process.

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Learn the tools you need, like producing, mixing, synthesis, sound design, songwriting, and live performance. You will find plenty of free tutorials, product reviews, and music industry news on the blog.

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Jimmy Allison is a Certified Ableton Trainer based in Austin, Texas. Jimmy also offers Ableton Live training online. His training is highly adaptive, capable and informative. He offers training in music production, live performance, DJing, synthesis, music theory, and more, specializing in the music production and performance software, Ableton Live. Jimmy teaches private and group lessons locally and online for all levels and all styles. With his focus on the needs of each student. His training can help get you started, take you to the next level, help you polish up a track, teach you how to make a performance template, and much more. Get started right away! Check out the rates and specials page. Jimmy’s rates are very competitive with the tuition of schools, plus the student will get specialized one on one training rather than a rigid curriculum based course. Contact him to get started with your Ableton training program right away.


For those unfamiliar with Ableton Live, it is all about making music; for composition, songwriting, recording, production, remixing and live performance. Live’s nonlinear, intuitive flow, alongside powerful real-time editing and flexible performance options, makes it a unique studio tool and a favorite with live performers. If you’d rather be “making music” than just “using music software,” Ableton Live is for you. Ableton provides a fully featured 30 day trail version (including saving) so you will have of time to start learning Ableton Live with no restrictions. Download Trial Version Of Ableton Live Today!

Check out these blog posts for music production and gear information.

Prologue and Ableton Live

The Prologue is an amazing Flagship polyphonic synthesizer that Korg released in early 2018. The synth comes in an 8- or 16-Voice model, each containing analog oscillators, with the extra addition of a digital oscillator. In this article, I am going ...
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Beat Tools: a creative toolkit for beatmaking

Beat Tools: a creative toolkit for beatmaking Click here to view original web page at Now included with Push and Live 9 Suite, Beat Tools is a new creative toolkit with all the sounds you need for beatmaking. The ...
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What is local? Perspectives on music-making in a hyper-connected world

What is local? Perspectives on music-making in a hyper-connected world Click here to view original web page at At the most recent Loop event in Berlin, music makers from all over the world came to share experiences and explore ...
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Review: Remotify Makes Ableton Control Surfaces Scripts A Snap

THE GOOD Free tier for basic functionality; Pro version for your wildest scripting dreams come true MIDI Learn support (with Chrome) Shift + Modes available to create virtual banks (Pro only) Easy troubleshooting messages + comprehensive documentation One-to-one support with ...
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Transient Machines

Transient Machines Click here to view original web page at Transient Machines is a Max for Live Pack that allows for deep sound-shaping possibilities. Modelled after the transient designers found in professional recording studios, Transient Machines is a versatile ...
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World Collection – Update 1.2.0

Our World Collection is developed by a collective of MaxforLive Visual Artists, kicked off originally by Ned Rush and Bob Zeal (you know who made Vizzable) they’ve been joined by Chris Vik and a few others that are working away ...
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Ableton Live Set Export The New ‘Must-Have’ Feature For iOS Music Apps

Ableton Live Set Export The New ‘Must-Have’ Feature For iOS Music Apps Click here to view original web page at Ableton today introduced Ableton Live Set Export – a new software development kit for iOS that’s designed to make ...
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Keith Mcmillen Instruments BopPad!!

BopPad Editor Software Click here to view original web page at BopPad is the expressive electronic drum pad for drummers, percussionists and producers. BopPad gives you accurate hit detection (2.4 millisecond latency), velocity, continuous radius and pressure. Four independently ...
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Mapping the Sounds of the World Through the Global Synthesizer Project

Mapping the Sounds of the World Through the Global Synthesizer Project Click here to view original web page at Sound artist Yuri Suzuki and Moog Music proudly present “The Global Synthesizer Project”, an interactive electronic musical instrument installation where ...
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A Brief History of The Studio As An Instrument: Part 2 – Tomorrow Never Knows

A Brief History of The Studio As An Instrument: Part 2 – Tomorrow Never Knows Click here to view original web page at In Part 1 of our History of The Studio As An Instrument, we looked at the ...
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Live 9.7 is available now

Packed with improvements for Push, Live 9.7 is here. New sampling features and workflows mean making beats is better than ever, and even more is possible without taking your hands off Push. The latest free update for Live 9 users ...
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650 MB of Free Samples from Mode Audio

650 MB of Free Samples From Mode Audio Mode Audio is giving away A sampler pack of 650 MB of free samples, Presets, Midi Files, and Effects Racks. All of which are Royalty-Free, so you can use everything in this ...
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Monolake Step Sequencer

Monolake Step Sequencer that inspired Ableton Live

Here is a great post by Create Digitial Music about the inspiration for Ableton Live. See the 1995 Monolake step sequencer that inspired Ableton ...
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Ableton Template for DJing

Ableton Template DJing with Ableton

How to Build an Ableton Template for DJing In my last blog post, I talked about the general concept of building an Ableton template for live performance. There are many different ways you could use Ableton Live on stage. Everyone ...
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Beat Basics: Composition

Beat Basics: Composition Understanding all of the parts that go into making music can seem like a daunting task.  Can't I just put these two beats together and call it a day? Just like with anything, one must truly comprehend ...
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Ableton Live Performance Template Introduction

Introduction to Creating your Ableton Live Performance Template. This is the first article in A series of articles on Performing music using Ableton Live. The reason this topic needs to be a series is because it is not a simple ...
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Synapsis on Google Fiber Live Stream

Austin Ableton Tutor is sponsoring a live streaming event at Google Fiber Space in downtown Austin Texas on Jan 27th at 6:00pm CST. RSVP on Facebook 6:15 Jimmy Allison - Ableton Certified Trainer (Rentak, Austin Ableton Tutor) Topic: ...
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Keith Mcmillen Instruments K-Mix at NAMM 2016

Here is a video from NAMM 2016 Dave Criss from Keith Mcmillen Instruments demonstrates the K-Mix, a compact nd durable 8 channel audio interface mixer. This video even gets into KMI Labs and all the cool new products in development ...
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Max For Live online training

Hi, I’m Nate! The Max For Live Trainer

Max for Live Trainer Greetings to you, fellow Max enthusiasts and those who are simply curious about the unbridled majesty that is Max for Live. My name is Nathan Crepeault and I want to teach you how to make your very ...
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Ableton Webinar

Free Ableton Webinar

Monday Nov 16th at 8:00pm CST (GMT -6) Free Ableton Webinar focusing on the Push 2 and Live 9.5 new features Ableton Certified Trainer Jimmy Allison will be hosting a free Ableton Webinar and getting deep into the new features ...
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Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5

Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5 is here!! Exciting times are here!  Not only has Ableton released the Ableton Push 2, but also a new software update, Ableton Live 9.5.  This is an overview of some of the newer features ...
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October Update and Upcoming Webinars

Greetings everyone, we hope your music production is coming along well.  Exciting news around here; we are in the process of developing some new online classes, getting the curriculum and scheduling together.  For those who want to dig a little ...
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Time Signature Sub-Division

Beat Basics: Sub-Division, Making Time Signature Work For You As we know, the time signature defines the count for each measure.  The count is like a palette of options, and the measures are like a canvas, ready to be created ...
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Interview With Kenzie Slottow: Ableton Live Looping

Today we're excited to catch up with flutist and composer Kenzie Slottow, to discuss life and upcoming events and projects.  Not only does Kenzie compose amazing music, she does it in a unique way utilizing Ableton Live's looping capabilities.  She ...
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Ableton Webinar

Update on Upcoming Features and Webinars

Update on Upcoming Features and Webinars We’re in exciting times here at Austin Ableton Tutor!  Soon we will be offering online classes, where you can take an in depth look into a variety of aspects of Ableton Live, Music Theory, ...
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Time Signature and Beat Basics

Today we'll be covering one of the prime aspects of creating music.  Before one considers song structure, harmony, or melody, one must start with the fundamental element, the beat.  This is what lays the foundation, and the layers of the ...
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Austin Ableton Tutor

11 tips for an Ableton Live Performance

11 Tips for Ableton Live Performance I have performed live music in as a musician in traditional bands, a controlerist/musician in electronic bands, a solo electronic music performer, a DJ, and even as a VJ. Over the years I have ...
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SXSW Free Events

I will be involved with a few free events in Austin Texas during SXSW. These are all Free no badge required SXSW events. Saturday 3/14/15 4:00pm I am doing an Ableton Live Clinic at Culture. This event will have a ...
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Free Ableton Downloads

Free Effects Racks

Free Effects Racks Twist King and Stutter King get your Free Effects Racks Twist King and Stutter King here! Check out the Video Demo This effect rack was design was inspired by my friend Rion King when he came to ...
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Using and Recoding Automation in Ableton Live 9

Using and Recording Automation in Ableton Live 9 This Ableton Instruction video by Ableton Live Certified Trainer Jimmy Allison is about using and recording automation in Ableton Live 9. Automation is a very handy tool that can be utilized for ...
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Live 8 Compressor For Live 9

Live 8 Compressor works better for fast side chain compression when in FF1 model and A lot of people including my self still like to use the Opto/FB setting for smooth compression on vocals and other elements. Just in case ...
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Side Chain Compression Title Pic

Side Chain Compression in Ableton Live

What is Side Chain Compression Side Chain Compression enables you to have the compressor react from a separate signal then the one that is being compressed. In essence one signal will be ducking under the other. There are a few ...
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Ableton Live Drum Racks

Dropping Samples on Ableton Drum Rack

I was having a conversation the other day with my producer friend Levi Witt aka DRRTYWULVZ. He was talking about how annoying it was when dropping samples onto a drum rack and then having to adjust the release value of ...
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Dubstep Presets Pack for Operator

Free Download Preset Pack of Ableton Operator Dubstep Presets Jordan Calvano from The Untz posted a blog about The Top 10 Greatest Dubstep Artists . Well I am sharing this Ableton Operator pack of 20 Dubstep presets for free! If ...
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Intro to Ableton Live Looper

Intro to Ableton Live Looper using the KMI Softstep foot controller This Ableton Live video is an Intro to Ableton Live Looper and some bonus content about using the Keith Mcmillen Instruments Softstep foot controller. Live looping is a lot ...
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Ableton Live Tutorial Video using Sofstep X and Y

Ableton Live Tutorial Video How to use Keith Mcmillen Instruments Softstep X/Y Controls In this Ableton Live tutorial video you will learn how to program the Keith Mcmillen Instruments Softstep Editor to create an X/Y control of two parameters in ...
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Ableton Live Tutorial Video warping a Track

Ableton Live tutorial video warping a track In this Ableton Live tutorial video, Certified training Jimmy Allison shares his technique on how to warp a track quickly in Ableton Live. The basic concept of the video is to let Ableton ...
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Ableton Effects Racks Vowel Filters

vowel Filter Ableton Effects Racks

100 Free Vowel Filter Ableton Effects Racks Click here to Go to the download page and get your free Vowel Filter Ableton Effects Rack Pack Check out other great downloads in the downloads section of the Austin Ableton Tutor Website ...
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Drum Programing with Ableton Live

Drum Programming With Ableton Live This tutorial is a introduction to midi drum programing using Ableton Live and Drum Racks. To start off we will be making a basic 1 bar drum loop, and then quickly expand the basic drum ...
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Ableton Live Sampler Mopho MoPhater Free

Ableton Live Sampler Instrument Free Download This is an Ableton Live Sampler rack loaded with multiple samples from when I used to own a Dave Smith Instruments Mopho, I sampled the hell out of it with Ableton Live but unfortunately ...
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Don’t Forget To Pack!

Ableton Live Packs I have noticed a good number of my Ableton Students do not realize that they are missing some amazing content that is included with their Ableton Live Purchase. This content is called Ableton Packs. To get you ...
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